Official Ghost Tour of Naperville
Near Chicago, with host: Kevin Frantz

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We have finished our 2014 season.
           We'll be back in the Spring of 2015!            



An historic Naperville street.
A stately old house.
A porch swing sways empty in the breeze...

Charming?    Indeed.

But, don’t let this
innocent façade fool you for a moment,
this is the bone-chilling world of
Naperville's unrested dead.

Care to join us for some...  Fun?

Consistently Reviewed as:

"Possibly the Best Ghost Tour in America"

"I have never had so much fun on a ghost tour!

Kellie S. - Naperville, IL

"This was an amazing ghost tour.  One of th
e best we've ever attended!
And we've done ghost tours all across America and Europe!  Fantastic."

Jan & Bill R. - St Louis, MO

"Up until tonight, my favorite ghost tour was Gettysburg. Not anymore!
This tour was a lot better than Gettysburg.

Leon C. - Aurora, Illinois

My wife and I are visiting Chicago from California.  We've taken ghost tours all over the country. 
Tonight's tour just may be the best ghost tour in America! 
It's the best we've seen!   Lots of fun."

John & Kate T. - Riverside, California

I thought this was 'just a ghost tour.'  Wrong.  You scared the heck out of me!
Michelle G. - Chicago, IL

"Last week we were in New Orleans, we took the ghost tour there. 
This Naperville tour tonight was a lot better! 

Kevin should have his own show.
We'll be back - with our friends.  Loved it."
Mike & Janice - Barrington, Illinois

"Last Saturday my daughter and I took a ghost tour in downtown
Chicago. Let's just say -- you blew them out of the water!"

  Rob. G. - Chicago

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