This 2-hour walking tour is like no other tour ever produced.  It is entertaining, informative, offensive, frightening, and inspirational.  The next few months may become terrifying and horrific, unlike anything we've ever experienced, don't be caught unprepared.

2017 End Times Preparation Tour

in Naperville (28 Miles West of Chicago)

Will the World as we know it END

in the Fall of 2017?

"When you see these things, look up,

your redemption draws near." Jesus, Luke 21:28

If the end times are really upon us, it means countless people will be starting their afterlife situation much earlier than they anticipated.

Don't be scared - get prepared

There has never been anything like this.

NEW Naperville Spirit Tour for 2017!

The Your Redemption Draws Near tour is produced and hosted by Kevin Frantz, afterlife researcher, author, and holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Study degree.

For over a decade we have written and lectured on the complicated subject of The Afterlife.  Our tour here in Naperville has been one of the most popular afterlife spirit tours in America for over 10 years.  Through our intense afterlife research we've learned that what a person experiences in their afterlife (good or bad) very closely ties to decisions they made, and values they held, while living.

This year's tour, called Your Redemption Draws Near, isn't focused on the details of the end time predictions (there's more than enough online for that study).  Our concern with this tour is to convey crucial afterlife information not found in other sources.  Information that (if the end does come) will prepare people for a successful and peaceful afterlife situation. We've been studying the afterlife for a long time and we can tell you that without the right information your afterlife can go horribly wrong, very quickly. 

The whole world is clamoring over hundreds of signs that indicate that life as we know it is in for some cataclysmic change in the last half of 2017. 

The Your Redemption Draws Near tour runs weekly, beginning Friday, June 23rd. 
Full 2017 Schedule.