Official Ghost Tour of Naperville
Near Chicago, with Author & host: Kevin Frantz

Looking for Something to do,
  for Halloween Time, that's
Fun & Scary?

Celebrating our 10th smash year,
as the Midwest's most highly-rated,
respected, fun & frightening, ghost tour.

The tour is closed for the season
Thank you for a great 2015!

This ghost tour has been heralded worldwide on:




"Tonight is about REAL Ghosts.
There are no actors here, no script.
There are no props,
there are no tricks.
The spirits are restless and active. Tonight
you and I will visit their unholy hollows.

Tonight we are the...  Intruders.

Welcome, everyone, to Haunted Naperville."
                                                                          From The Ghost Tour of Naperville
                                                                                                   with Kevin Frantz

Consistently Reviewed as:

"Possibly the Best Ghost Tour in America"

"I have never had so much fun on a ghost tour!

Kellie S. - Naperville, IL

"This was an amazing ghost tour.  One of th
e best we've ever attended!
And we've done ghost tours all across America and Europe!  Fantastic."

Jan & Bill R. - St Louis, MO

My wife and I are visiting Chicago from California.  We've taken ghost tours all over the country. 
Tonight's tour just may be the best ghost tour in America! 
It's the best we've seen!   Lots of fun."

John & Kate T. - Riverside, California

I thought this was 'just a ghost tour.'  Wrong.  You scared the heck out of me!
Michelle G. - Chicago, IL

"Last week we were in New Orleans, we took the ghost tour there. 
This Naperville tour tonight was a lot better! 

Kevin should have his own show.
We'll be back - with our friends.  Loved it."
Mike & Janice - Barrington, Illinois

"Last Saturday my daughter and I took a ghost tour in downtown
Chicago. Let's just say -- you blew them out of the water!"

  Rob. G. - Chicago

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Now it's Your Turn.

Won't You Come Out and...  Play with Us?

                                      The Ghost Tours of Naperville
                                           with Kevin Frantz