Fun to Do Ghost Tour Near Chicago,

Naperville Tour with Kevin Frantz

(28 Miles West of Chicago)

Below are the

Prices, FAQ, and Guidelines/Rules

for the Official Naperville Ghost Tourtm

Can a Ghost follow me home from this tour?  No, ghosts haunt a specific location because they are ATTACHED to it, they DON'T follow people home.  It is the UNATTACHED ghosts that can follow you, these are not the ghosts on a tour like this, unattached ghosts are the ghosts you encounter in your everyday life - where you shop, go to church, hospitals, bars / restaurants, theaters, the choices you make, etc.  And, with the advent of the internet (porn, etc.), people invite these dark energies right into their minds & homes everyday, without realizing it.  Here's the bottom line: there are more dark harmful energies in your daily life, computer, and smart phone than there will ever be on a ghost tour. 

Cost:  The tour base price is $25 per person.  Note: there is NEVER an additional ticketing fee added to your reservation / ticket purchase.

‚ÄčDo I Need to Pay in Advance?:  No, you'll pay at the tour with check or cash.  If you'd like to, you may pay when you make your reservation, over the phone, with a charge/debit card.

Is There an Age Restriction?:  Yes, Adults only, minimum age 16. (If you'd like to bring someone between ages 12 & 15, call us to discuss.) 

When Do the Tours Run?:  Our tours generally run on the weekends at 6, 7, 8 or 9pm. Times vary, so visit our 2018 Tour Schedule Page for exact times. 

For the full 2018 tour schedule, click HERE


We'll show you actual Full-Body Apparition photos of many of the ghosts.

Thrill to true classic chillers, including: 

  • Pinky Lee is Dead
  • The Bride Wore Ice
  • She's Hanging in the Nursery
  • The Grave Robber Next Door
  • Old Therese, a Wicked Witch
  • much more

We're Having a Group Event, Can We Book a Private Tour?:  Yes. For private tour arrangements, call 630.205.2664.

Very Important Tour Rules & Guidelines

Tour Type:  Walking (about 1/4 mile of walking).

Duration:  About 1 hour 45 minutes.  

Is the Tour Wheelchair-Friendly?:  Yes.  However, some of the sidewalks are in the historic area and can be a little bumpy...

Are There Restrooms Available?:  Yes, clean and safe restrooms are available. 

Are Photo / Video Cameras Allowed?:  Photo cameras are encouraged, no prob.  Audio & video recording are not allowed.

If your concern wasn't addressed, call us any day between 10am & 7pm -- 630.205.2664

How can I buy Kevin's books?:  Kevin's two books are available on Amazon (just search KEVIN FRANTZ in the BOOKS category on Amazon).  They are also available, at a discount, from Kevin after every tour.  Kevin will gladly sign your books.   

New for 2018 are rarely-heard true tales:

  • The Park is a Dangerous Place...
  • 10-4 Bloody Buddy
  • Happy Birthday to Me
  • Burying Bozo
  • Christopher Calling

Are there Good Restaurants & Clubs Near-by?:  The tour is based in downtown Naperville, so there are lots of great restaurants and clubs, of every type, within just a two-minute walk of the tour. 
For ideas check out our
Restaurant / Club Guide
Do You Sell Gift Certificates , for Gift Giving?:  Sure. Call us.

Where Does the Tour Meet / Start?   The tour meets / starts at the military statue located at the entrance to Central Park, on Washington St., in Downtown Naperville, 60540.  A photo of the statue is below.  The address is 50 S. Washington St.  For your convenience, there is a safe & free parking garage at 5 W. Benton St. Naperville, IL  60540, across the street from the tour starting place.            

* Due to the tour's mature content, we recommend a minimum age of 16.  However, we do allow as young as 12 years old (call us 630.205.2664 to discuss bringing someone aged 12 - 15).  No one under 12.  No pets.

* No smoking (of any kind), or alcohol, is allowed on the tour.

* If it is raining when your tour is starting, and you'd prefer not taking the tour in the rain, you may cancel your reservation without retribution or service fees.

* We do enforce a zero-tolerance with trouble-makers, jokers, goof-offs, disrupters, and "non-stop talkers."  They will be removed from the tour, without a refund.  If you're organizing a group event, be sure everyone in the group understands this rule.

* We'll be outside, remember to dress for the weather. (It will get cooler as night deepens.)

* Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time, for tour check-in.

* Bring your camera, and your nerve...

The unsettling world of notorious and restless spirits will literally "come to life" before you. You'll shudder in awe at true and terrifying tales of these ghostly ghouls of the grave.  Bring your camera...   

Is There Parking Near-By?:  Yes. A free & safe parking garage is available at 5 W. Benton  Naperville, IL  60540.  Conveniently, it is located right across Washington Street from the tour starting place. (Note: All parking in Naperville is safe & free.)

I've Seen Lots of Bad Tours, Is this Tour any Good?:  We are over 12 years old with countless rave reviews.  No other tour in the Midwest has a customer-satisfaction rating as high as ours.  Check out some of the reviews and endorsements over the years... 

Are Reservations Required?   No, reservations are not required; walk-ons are welcome as long as the tour hasn't sold out. However, we do recommend a reservation to guarantee you a spot. Simply call our Reservation Desk at  630.205.2664. No charge card, service fees, or ticket pre-purchase required.  (Note: If you prefer, you may pre-purchase your tickets, on the phone, when you make your reservation. There is never  a service fee charged for tickets.)

Can My Reservation be Changed or Canceled?:  You are free to change or cancel without retribution.

What if it's Raining?: As long as there are reservations on a tour, the tour will run rain or shine (cold, rain, snow, etc. won't stop us), so dress for the weather - it will get cooler as night deepens. Also, bring an umbrella if you are unsure of the rain situation.  Note: it is possible for a tour to be cancelled due to unsafe conditions (tornado warnings, nuclear attack, Apocalypse, zombie revolt, etc.), in this case you will be notified by phone or text (provided you made a reservation). 

Who leads the tour?  Your host is Kevin Frantz. Kevin is an award-winning professional storyteller, public speaker & paranormal investigator.  He has hosted the Naperville tour, to rave reviews, for over 12 years. Mr. Frantz holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree.  He is an historian and has written two best-selling books about totally cool ghost stuff. 

In order to assure that a great time is had by all tour participants, the following rules and guidelines are in force for all public ghost tours.

(Rules are different for private tours, please call for those rules)