Ghost Tour Near Chicago,

Naperville Tour with Kevin Frantz

(28 Miles West of Chicago)

HALLOWEEN NIGHT - Wednesday the 31st - 8pm


Saturday the 1st - 8:30pm

Friday the 7th - 8:30pm

Saturday the 8th - 8:30pm

Friday the 14th - 8:30pm

Saturday the 15th - 8:30pm

Friday the 21st - 8:30pm

​Saturday the 22nd - 8:30pm

Friday the 28th - 8:30pm

​Saturday the 29th - 8:30pm



Friday the 22nd - 8pm


Friday the 5th - 8pm

Saturday the 6th - 7pm

Friday the 12th - 8pm

Saturday the 13th - 7pm

Friday the 19th - 8pm

Saturday the 20th - 7pm

Friday the 26th - 8pm

​Saturday the 27th - 7pm

Sunday the 28th - 6pm

Monday the 29th - 7:30pm

Tuesday the 30th - 7:30pm​

Need a Great Restaurant or Club Idea?
 Check out our
Downtown Naperville Dining Guide


Friday the 6th - 8pm

Saturday the 14th - 8pm

Saturday the 28th - 8pm

Call our reservation desk (630.205.2664) to secure your spots on the tour.   No charge card is needed

The phone-in reservation will hold your spots on the tour. 
No pre-purchase, charge cards, service fees or cash deposits are due in advance; you will pay for your tickets at the tour with check or cash. 
(If you prefer, you may pre-purchase your tickets by phone, via charge or debit card,
when you make your reservation. There are no additional fees to pre-purchase tickets.)

Remaining 2018 Tour Dates/Times

2018 Naperville Ghost Tour Schedule


Saturday the 11th - 8pm


Friday the 2nd - 8pm

Saturday the 3rd - 7pm

Use the tour schedule below to find a
tour time that fits your plans

(If the date/time you need isn't listed, call us, we may be able to add it for you.)