AfterLife Answerstm Spirit Tour,

in Naperville (28 Miles West of Chicago)

Is There Parking Near-By?:  Yes. Free & safe parking for the outdoor tour is available at 5 W. Van Buren - across Washington Street from the tour starting place.  (All parking in Naperville is safe & free.)

In order to assure that a great time is had by all tour participants, the following guidelines are in force for the AfterLife Answerstm tour.

Below are the FAQ & Guidelines 
for the AfterLife Answers
tm Tour

AfterLife Answerstm is an outdoor walking tour that takes place in Naperville's Central Park

If your question isn't addressed below
feel free to call us - 630 205-2664

What is the Tour Cost?: 

The AfterLife Answerstm tour is $20 per person. 

Are Group Discounts Available?:  Yes. Group Discounts are available, call us.  630 205-2664.  

Is There an Age Restriction?:  Yes, minimum age 16.

When Do the Tours / Programs Run?:  Most tours run on Saturday, 7pm, but can vary. 2017 Tour Schedule

We're Having a Special Night Out Event, Can We Book a Private Tour?:  Sure.  Call us.  630.205.2664.

I took Your Ghost Tour Last Year, is the AfterLife Answers Tour Different?  Very much.  Afterlife Answerstm is not a ghost tour per se, but we do discuss the various fascinating trapped spirits along the tour route in the context of afterlife as it pertains to those of us still living.  This Christian-based tour takes a hard look at the spirit world and the afterlife we will all face.  This tour is much deeper, more important, and more terrifying than a ghost tour (because it's real).

AfterLife Answerstm Tour  Guidelines

What is the Length of the Tour?:  Approximately 2 hours. 
Are Reservations Required?   Yes reservations are required, but payment is made at the event with cash, check, or Visa/Master Charge/debit card.  Simply call our Reservations Desk at  630.205.2664 to place your reservations.  No charge card #, or ticket pre-purchase, is required to place a reservation. 

Can My Reservation be Changed or Canceled?:  You are always free to change or cancel without retribution.

What if it's Raining?: All tours run rain or shine, however, if your tour is called off due to unsafe weather conditions you will be notified by phone.

Are there Good Restaurants Near-by?:  Sure. There are lots of great restaurants, of every type, within just a 3-minute walk of the tour starting place.
For downtown Naperville restaurant ideas check out our Dining Guide.  

Is the outdoor Tour Wheelchair-Friendly?:  Yes.  Note however that many of the sidewalks are in the historic area and can be a little rough...

Are There Restrooms Available?:  Yes, clean and safe restrooms are available. 

Are Photo Cameras or Video Cameras Allowed?:  Sorry, neither is allowed. 

Where Does the Outdoor Tour Meet and Start?   The tour meets at the military statue, at Central Park's entrance on Washington St., in Downtown Naperville. 

* Due to the tour's mature content, the minimum allowed age is 16. 

* Alcohol and smoking (of any kind) is prohibited.

* If it is raining when your tour is starting, and you'd prefer to not take the tour in the rain, you may cancel your reservation - just call us.

* Trouble-makers, arguers, scoffers, or "non-stop talkers" will leave the tour, without a refund

* We'll be outside, remember to dress for the weather.  (It will get cooler as night deepens.)

* Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time, for tour check-in.